No idea why this happend!!

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    Jul 29, 2009
    So im on day 18 and was planning lockdown tomorrow morning so i decided to candle tonight.One has already pipped,my heat has been 99-100 with no spikes,so dont no why he is early.But thats not the strange part.One of the eggs was stuck to the turner!! [​IMG] I just candled 2 nights ago,no problem.I wasnt sure what to do,so i ran warm water around where it was stuck.Didnt help.I actually caused a small crack in the bottom of the egg.Thank goodness the liner(whatever its called)was ok,so nothing leaked out.I figured i had nothing to loose,either get the egg out or it would die.So i used a qtip to dribble some oil where it was stuck and it finally came out.Bits of the shell was still stuck to the turner.[​IMG]I just cant figure out what happend.I did hear a peep so for right now the chick is still alive.I hate when hatches start like this,just gives me a bad feeling.These eggs came from 3 beautiful paint silkies i got from a fellow byc'er,so i was really looking forward to hatching them.I sure hope all goes well.[​IMG] Has anything like this ever happened to anyone else?
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    ive had silkies hatch several times on day 18, i wouldnt worry to much about that. the other egg was probably thin shelled and seeped a little, it happens.

    im not sure that im telling you right, just what i would do: i would mist the egg lightly once a day until it hatches. keep a close eye on it, you might need to assist the hatch. if you haven't already seen this thread its full of great information.
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    Jul 29, 2009
    No i havent seen that thread,thanks.Thanks for responding.When i got up this morning the humidity was down,i hate the lg's,so i wet 2 paper towels and put them up against the whole in the egg.

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