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10 Years
Jul 23, 2009
Turner, Maine
UGH! I have 7 Turken chicks. They were sent from Ideal with my order as extra (warmth), supposed to be all males.
They are a week old now and very happy/healthy. Actually, they seem to be the calmest and most curious of all the chicks....
If anyone wants them, they are free to good home.
OR...since they have kinda grown on me already (even though the poor lil things look kinda weird)
I would be willing to purchase a few females. (no eggs please)
I have black, red and buff colors.


Thanks all...gone to good home!
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Oh...just a thought.
Obviously you wouldn't have to take ALL of them! lol
Unless you wanted them for meat (grow up to 5.5 lbs) which case, please don't tell me!
And females...I'll consider anything under 1 1/2 yrs.

p.s. hatchery says they are all males...but, since I can't sex them I can't say for sure they ALL are.
I'd love to take them off your hands. :0) I have a clutch of Showgirl chicks that same age in the brooder I can put them in with. I won't be able to pick them up until next weekend though as I'm heading out of state on Saturday. Of course, if you don't have them by then, it's fine. Just thought I'd pipe up.

I don't have any turken pullet chicks, sorry to say. Only Silkies, Showgirls and Black Australorps. It's pretty much impossible to sex the Silkies and Showgirls as young chicks. And the Australorp hens are big kids- six months old, now.


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