No more coexisting :(


8 Years
Aug 8, 2011
"The Ville" (Marysville,Wa)
Recently my BF created a fenced off area for the ducks to call thier own in the yard. The purpose was to keep them from pooping all over the new deck which just absolutley drove my BF crazy! I came home form work one night and found a new fence put up behind the house. The girls absolutley hated it!! Only because they were unable to get those yummy bugs on the otherside of the fence.

This whole time we have had not one problem with the dogs and the ducks until yesterday. I decided to let the ducks out into the yard to graze because it was so frosty. When my daughter got home, she went out to check on them and saw my girl dog Runky, push Cocoa down and try to bite her neck. She didn't actually bite her but none the less showed aggression. :( I knew it was too good to be true! So know they will be confined to their own yard only to be let out under supervision.

I don't think it was an attack of preying on them, but rather I think Cocoa got too close to Runky for some reason and Runky was telling her so. Runky has been in heat and I wonder if this is the reason for the mood swing!? She has been aggressive with the kids too when she has a toy or something she is chewing on. Bummer!!

I went and checked the girls over really good last night. No sign of trauma or wounds. At least it's a good out come and I didn't come home to a bad scene!

This makes me want to move even more so I have the room to build that "Ducktopia" area for them so they will be safe at all times!!

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