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9 Years
May 15, 2010
North FL answer this. Are the offspring of an easter egger and any other variety of chicken always considered easter eggers from that point going forward?
Thanks in advance for any input.
It depends on who you ask b/c everyone has a different opinion about what makes an easter egger. To me, personally, an EE is any bird that lays a blue/green egg (or a roo that hatches from one), usually with a pea comb and muffs. Some people call birds with pea combs and muffs EEs even if they lay pink/brown eggs, but I don't count those. But, like I said, everyone has a different opinion.
I agree. It's completely up to opinion since EEs tend to be mixed anyways. I would call a bird an EE if it had green legs and a muff. I'd call it #$^*#& if it laid brown eggs instead of green, because thats what I want out of my EEs!

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