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7 Years
Sep 18, 2013
east central Wisconsin
I have an Americauna that's been producing eggs with no shell and no membrane at all. She's been doing this for a couple of weeks, sometimes in the egg box and sometims it's like she just pooped only it was yolk and white! Prior to that her shells had been kind of thin for a while.. They get a good layer mix as well as oyster shell and diotomaceous earth with scratch, mealworms and veggies for treats. They're free range all day. My gold Wyandotte is laying regularly but the Barred Rock and the Austrolorp are molting. Otherwise she seems fine and looks good, acting totally normal. Any ideas?
One of our Ameracaunas seems to have a similar issue. She hasn't laid and egg in over 3 weeks now. Then yesterday we had to give her a bath because there was yellow yoke dried in her fuzzy butt feathers. I also found a soft egg shell on the poop board when I cleaned it, that had been partially crushed... She appears in good health, and is over a year old. We are just being patient with her : / Before she stopped laying, she would lay 4-6 a week...
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How interesting - I have 2 girls, an RSL and an Ameracauna; the RSL has been consistently laying 1 egg every morning for about 2 weeks now, whereas the 'meri hasn't laid any.I checked her vent and it's quite wet and seems a bit stretched, like she is laying bur somewhere else. Any ideas?
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Don't know, I checked all over too, to see if she was laying somewhere else though it didn't seem likely. She used to lay regularly and always in the nest box. She was just a year old in April. I really thought she would've resolved whatever the issue is by now. They also get ACV and a bit of liquid vitamin D in their water. Hopefully someone knows more!
Update: She quit laying the shell-less and membrane-less eggs and soon after she went into molt. She's done with that now and has just started laying again. While her eggs are kind of odd shaped they'er otherwise normal! Have no clue as to what was going on with her.
How long did yours begin laying again after completing molting? Our ameracauna has stopped laying all together, and has begun a more serious molt lol. Our new hampsher is also starting to show signs of molting : o
I had 3 molting at once though none seemed to be a real serious molt, first the barred rock, then the austrolorp and then the americauna. They started laying again in the same order about a week and a half to two weeks after molting. They're pretty much back to their old schedule now.

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