Noise from the incubator


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11 Years
Mar 11, 2008
On day 19 and I hear peeping from the sounds so cute. Does this mean anything? Could they be coming today???

For those of you who said these last few days are both exciting and nerve weren't kidding!

Thank you
means they are active and getting ready to hatch. LOL i remember my first hatch.....i was like WTHeck?? thought i had a bird in the house at first

It means they have *pipped* internally. That is, they have pushed their beaks through the internal membrane and into the airspace. They are now breathing air and will be hatching in about 48 hours.

They now need humidity up around 70% to help keep the membranes soft, and prevent them sticking to the inside of the shell when the try to emerge.

Good Luck
Good luck on your imminent hatch! I can't help but mention your screen name, codeman. I recently lost my 12 year old dog, named Cody after a character on a sitcom by the same name, who was called The Codeman, and we always called our dog The Codeman. Made me think of that mischievous boy!

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