noisy NOISY chickens! help!

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by lakbird, Sep 20, 2007.

  1. lakbird

    lakbird Hatching

    Sep 20, 2007
    I live in a pretty small, rural neighborhood, with a enough space to have two beautiful barred rocks. I love them, and they actually just layed their first eggs this week (YAY!), but I'm starting to get extremely put off by all their sqwaking! I've had chickens before, and I've never heard any make such loud calls so frequently- they start up about every 10 or 20 minutes. I've done everything to possible give them what they need- what could be the problem? Is is simply hormones? Any advice anyone? I think i'm starting to annoy the neighbors! Eek!
  2. wildflower

    wildflower In the Brooder

    Mar 26, 2007
    San Diego, CA
    Mine are very noisy as well, they constantly squack and brrrrroooak, insesintly.........I live out a bit, but have neighbors who I'm sure are anoyed as well. You'd think not having a rooster, we wouldn't have to put the pillow over our heads on weekends! Can't wait to hear the imput.
  3. FluffyChickenMama

    FluffyChickenMama Songster

    Jun 13, 2007
    I have 13 hens.. and most of them are noisey.. I think its normal.. especially when they see me they really start making some loud noises.. Luckily I have no neighbors..
  4. Southern28Chick

    Southern28Chick Flew The Coop

    Apr 16, 2007
    Dogs bark and chickens's what they do. I have 24 chickens, I feel you but it doesn't bother me or my neighbors. They all have chickens too or dogs barking all day so there's no problem here.
  5. Buff Hooligans

    Buff Hooligans Scrambled

    Jun 11, 2007
    My five girls bok bokkkkk loudly after a hawk has gone overhead. They keep at it for about 5 minutes, but then they go back to their usual quiet chatter.

    Hens also are very noisy after laying an egg, not that I would know about that yet.
  6. Zenbirder

    Zenbirder Songster

    May 3, 2007
    New Mexico
    I never knew hens would be as noisy as mine are! I have one particular hen Emma a RIR that is on the extreme end of noisy, she will walk around for a long time just talking at the top of her lungs about nothing and everything! I am fortunate not to have neighbors, if I did I am sure I would have to get rid of her. I also have my EEs that rarely say anything over a whispered song...
  7. rrrsmom

    rrrsmom In the Brooder

    Jun 2, 2007
    salt lake city, Ut
    Wow, that's very interesting. I have seven hens, different varities and they hardly make noise at all. I wonder if mine are weird. [​IMG]
  8. Frozen Feathers

    Frozen Feathers Songster

    May 4, 2007
    Mine are pretty quiet.

    They do have to announce when they've laid an egg or something is amiss in their coop a new waterer can set them off or when I go in to clean out the coop.
  9. Lipkis

    Lipkis In the Brooder

    Apr 8, 2007
    Kennesaw, GA
    You know it could be because they're laying eggs. I mean you try to lay an egg and see how it feels. xD; Our girls are pretty quiet. *Knocks on wood* Except for when they do lay an egg I hear a squawk.
  10. Queen of the Lilliputians

    Queen of the Lilliputians Songster

    Apr 5, 2007
    I think my group is really quiet, too. hmm. You can't hear my girls clucking unless you are within 5 feet of the coop. They do talk all the time, but it's just the quiet little "just checking in" noises. The loudest they ever get is when they are free-ranging, think they hear something, and take off in a whirring of wings.


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