Noisy overnight


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6 Years
Jun 10, 2013
Kailua Kona Hawaii
It rained this morning and my one silkie won't stop making noise. I think it's a female, not sure but she is doing a good job sounding like an accordion... She's 20 weeks, hasn't laid yet could it be she's getting ready to pass an egg?
Has anyone had this happen? I'm new to chicks so this new skill it out if the norm for her.
I find with my new chick and I've had a few silkies I LOVE SILKIES .. iF i COVER THE CAGE WITH SHEET THEY STOP. We picked up a baby turkey a couple of days ago and called it peep cuz it peep peep peeps all night n day LOL I covered him last night and he quieted down .. u can try it ? But oiur is little so in cage .. prob not feesable for bigger bird. good luck : )

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