-Non chicken points of interest in Redmond/ Sammamish WA. area-Please

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    My non chicken brother is now visiting my non chicken son in Redmond, and they are drawing a blank on places to see -things to do. They already been to the Boeing plant, and some other typical tourist stuff. Add to the fact that it's raining all day - something out of character(??) for summer., and my son doesn't know what to do with him. Help - please.I DO thank you.
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    Quote:Raining in Summer is not out of character the last couple years.

    Redmond Huh, Used to work there. When I first moved to Washington.

    Not much in Redmond, here's some random ideas

    Thenos Dairy is in Redmond, Great handmade Ice Cream. Some unusual flavors.

    There is a Redmond Farmers market, on Saturdays I think.

    If they are still there, Head east out of Redmond towards Fall City, there is a nice nursery just out of town called the "Bamboo Gardens" I enjoy walking through their little Bamboo forest, and almost across the highway from them is a water garden nursery. There's some nice ponds. The people at both places are extremely nice. Although in this economy I'm not sure if they are still in business.


    They could head out past Fall City to Snoqualmie Falls.

    Next door, west, is the city of Kirkland, A trip to the waterfront can be fun. People watching and some interesting shops.

    South is Bellevue(large city)- Upscale image. Bel Square is a nice mall, right in downtown Bellevue. There's a botanical gardens there too.

    Maybe post some ideas on what they would like to do. Not much real close, but if the went to Boeing, they aren't afraid of a drive. Boeing is in Renton and Everett, neither is very close, (a couple cities away). There's tons they could do in Seattle. And there's a freeway connecting Redmond and Seattle.

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    They could drive into Seattle and eat at the Ivar's fish bar on the waterfront and feed the seagulls. Who says only hummingbirds can hover?

    The ferry to Bremerton and back is a fun ride and on a good day you see a lot of different kinds of boats.

    Too bad that Carnation Dairy was bought out by a multi-national; touring their research dairy farm was always fun; it was in Carnation, WA and was sold for other purposes. Carnation isn't too far from Redmond.

    I lived in Bellevue one year as a child, worked in Redmond, and went to graduate school in Seattle. Your mileage may vary. [​IMG]
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    Go south to Clark County and stuff. [​IMG]

    Bellingham is a gorgeous city though it is a tad far from the area, and Mt. Baker is fun. I think they should do more naturey things even if it is a bit gloomy at the moment. Things are just as beautiful.
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    Oh, and it was raining in the summer back when I was in graduate school in the 1980s. In Seattle it isn't so much rain as a constant drizzle. I prefer the weather in Portland, where it either rains or it doesn't - as opposed to Seattle where it seems to just drizzle non-stop. I prefer the hard rain to the drizzle.
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    Lake Sammamish is nice place to swim, when I was younger anyways and not so sure if they want to do that on a day it is raining, maybe another day. I like Juanita beach also....it stays shallow forever. I went there often when younger. Not sure if the same now or not.

    Woodlynn park zoo (Seattle)and point defiance zoo (Tacoma). The Tacoma zoo has an aquarium and orential gardens. I like both.

    They have to eat at Dick's my all time favorite. There is a few of these in Seattle area.

    They should go to the Spaghetti house too, but it is in downtown Seattle and pike place market is great. Lots to do down there. Ivars is good too.

    I like to go to Whidbey island on the ferry.

    I remember Carnation dairy farm it was always fun too.

    I did not know it was bought out.....that's too bad.

    Oh and I love o' boy obetto factory outlet too but also downtown....there maybe more then one. Here is one http://www.yelp.com/biz/oh-boy-oberto-factory-outlet-seattle

    am not real familiar with Redmond and things there to do...but other posters are right if you go into to Seattle more there is lots to see and do.
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    Oh - the Ballard locks are a fun place to go and watch the boats come in and out. A lot more yachts and a lot fewer fishing boats than their used to be, though. I think Ballard also has the Scandinavian museum.

    I have never felt the same about Lake Sammamish since Ted Bundy abducted and murdered two women from there. I get the heebie jeebies just driving past.

    I think Ivar's is better than Dick's. Ivar's is distinctly Seattle; Dick's could be anywhere, couldn't it?

    The Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma is awesome.

    What's the name of the whacky novelty store in downtown Seattle?

    Then there's the Pike Street Public Market.

    And the saloon downtown that is the gateway for some of the underground Seattle tours. I have pictures in the family album of what the area looked like before the Denny regrade - the reason there is an "underground Seattle" today is the fill put in that area.

    The old world's fair grounds, depending on what is in display.

    The UW campus. The art museum is decent, and a couple of the buildings on Red Square look like they were hauled in straight from medieval Europe. Look for the building on campus with the bas relief figures of people playing different sports.
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    Actually Ivar's is like skippers as in they have several locations or use too. They both seem to be harder to find these days. Ivars is in pretty much all the malls I go to around here.

    There is not any other Dick's like the few in Seattle area that I know of. There is a Dick's in Spokane and it is ok and cheap but not the same food at all....does not taste the same and is not made the same etc. they also have, fish, pizza, and chicken.

    I did not know that about Lake Sammamish [​IMG]....but shoot that can be just about all through south Seattle with the green river killer. Good thing they have both been caught now. I am from Seattle and raised in the north end when younger and as I got older in the south end. I never have went on an underground tour either....I have always wanted to though.

    The shop is the Ye Old Curiosity shop.
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