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  1. I use Scratch and Peck Feed for my girls. Does anyone else use anything like this? This has been the only feed that I could find that is verified NON GMO. I finally talked one of our hay dealers into carrying it locally so I don't have to make the 50 mile round trip drive to Theresa's in Simi Valley. I also feed all of my kitchen scraps and odds and ends to the girls - we eat a Paleo style diet, so they get a ton of veggies, plus I do the deep litter method in their pen with all the left over Alfalfa from our goats. They love the goat poop too.
    Anyone looking to for a close dealer for the Scratch and Peck in the San Fernando Valley - Best Valley Feed 13202 Van Nuys Blvd Pacoima 91331 818-899-7813. I heard that Rainbow Ranch in Pinion Pines has some really good feed as well, but I don;t know anyone that has tried it.
    Would love to hear from people going the No GMO route and what's been working for them. I'm in Los Angeles County, btw.

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    I have looked (to no avail) into finding a non GMO food source here in Idaho. Like you, I also rely on kitchen scraps as their "main" rations and also let them free range to eat bugs and nibble on grass when it is warm enough. I do provide pellets to them (I'm sure it's GMO corn and soy) but find that they prefer the fresh stuff anyway. My chickens also get a lot of sour milk, cottage cheese, etc. as well as free range of the compost pile. It's nice to see someone else on here with concerns over GMOs. :)
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    In NH we have Agway, a feed store that sells organic feeds and scratch grains. According to the USDA, organic means non-GMO
    The feed is not cheap, running just under $30 for a 50lb bag, but my wife wont eat the eggs otherwise. we have six hens that we supplement with kitchen scraps and let them forage when weather permits so its not too bad. They're more pets than livestock so......
  4. Here I have found that Organic does not always mean Non GMO, the companies will tell me that the the product is raised organically, but they use modified seed. There is so much trickery in labels, I think it's worse in Southern California. I find that Northern California folks have more options than I do.
    The Scratch & Peck is just about the same cost per bag. I noticed a difference in the taste of the eggs when I switched them over after about a month.
    The lady I get my hens from feeds them Hops and Chaffe that she gets from a local brewery and an organic coffee house that roasts it own beans. My hens don't seem all that interested in the Chaffe.
    Thanks for responding! I was beginning to think no one else fed with that in mind.
    What is the label on the feed from Agway?
  5. Scratch & Peck is located in Washington - do you have a Quality Supply or Tractor Supply that might be interested in carrying it? I just kept asking our local suppliers until I found one that was interested in cornering the market for our area. They do require a rather large order - but you might be able to do a co op in your area with a local store as your drop - one of my friends was trying to do that down here, but the plan lost it's legs somewhere down the road. People just don't think in those terms here in Los Angeles.
    I used to live in Montana and whenever someone would be going into Washington we all put in our requests - maybe that is something you can do as well ? We were up by Sandpoint - so it was an easy drive for all of us.
    I wonder if you could find the organic feed that Jonadue was speaking about. You can ask the local coffee houses for chaffe as well.
    Thanks for responding!!! I'm so glad to have found a couple of campadres on this forum!

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    What organic company is this? Are you confusing hybrid seed with GMO seed? They are not organic if the use GMO seed, so perhaps they are one of the "natural" feed companies, which means nothing.
  8. Hi Cindy,
    Could not tell you now - but I could only find Scratch & Peck as a verified Non GMO source of feed. I have been using it for over a year now. If I come across any of the companies that i looked into previously I will let you know.
    A few examples in human items that are owned by Monsanto : Horizion Dairy and Cascadian Farms. They also own several seed companies now . I just don't trust anything unless it is verified. Labels are deceiving and laws protect the businesses not the consumer when it comes to food. Animal feed has notoriously been sub quality when mass produced.
    Did you know, for example, that "natural flavorings" contains the anal glands of Beavers?
    To be super clear - I am only familiar with the super small selection of organic feed that was available to me here in my city and that was what I called on -
    I would love to get the names of the brands of feed that other people are using that they know does not have GMO in them.
    What do you feed Cindy?
  9. Thanks! I looked them up and the one they carry looks like a great company- but I think they service Eastern states only, I have never seen the brand in any of my stores .The feed all costs the same apparently anyhow :) I did find another company while I was searching that is based in Northern Cal, but they don't say anything about bioengineering- they are certified through Oregon Tilth though and usually that means no GMO.
    Thanks so much!!!! I knew Scratch & Peck could not possibly be the only one out there !

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    We do both, a conventional non-gmo feed, and a Certified Organic line (Which is required to be non-gmo). We perform on-site testing for GMOs when we receive our grains. This won't help you much in California, as we are in Vermont. However, I do ship pallets of feed to California. Freight rates are pretty high, though. Our non-gmo conventional, would be pushing $20.00 per bag, by the time it got out there. Organic is almost $30.00 per bag, after pallet freight. Basically, the freight is adding $7ish/bag [​IMG]

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