Non-Soy Feed Sources

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    Mar 8, 2010
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    2 Questions:

    1. As a lot of us know Countryside Naturals sells an organic non-soy feed. We also know that while being reasonably priced, once you add in shipping the price almost doubles. A friend of mine and I are considering buying 300# and splitting it. Apparently when bought in bulk, they can ship by pallet(I think), anyhow, reducing the shipping cost overall. If I do this, what would be the best way to keep the feed fresh? I would have 150# - 6 birds - using about 50#/month. So I would need to keep it fresh for 3 months +/-.
    Is this possible and what would be the best way to keep fresh?

    2. Do you know of any other source for soy-free feed. (besides making my own which can be very expensive as well)

    Thanks all,
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    Steve, maybe you could buy an old deep freeze and store it in there. I know if it is sealed well and kept cool, it will keep a very long time. If you freeze it, it should be good for a few years. A chest type is pretty cheap used.

    I have friends you sell refurbished chest freezers that don't run for feed storage, they are air tight when closed. Good luck!

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