Non Traditional Nesting Boxes

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  1. scrambledmess

    scrambledmess Songster

    Sep 26, 2008
    NW Ohio
    I need some ideas for nesting boxes. I don't have the skill to do something with wood that looks pretty. Buying them new, is way too expensive.

    So would you mind showing me what you have used for nesting places for your hens? Thanks in advance. My girls aren't there yet, but they are getting closer and closer.
  2. Chicken-fil-a

    Chicken-fil-a In the Brooder

    Feb 27, 2010
    Oh gosh...mine will lay eggs in anything. We have a wooden crate mounted on the wall with a board across the front to prevent shavings from falling out. We also have a weird old filing cabinet thing with a cubby at the bottom and also an open top (the rooster seems to like this one the best, as he is always showing his ladies that they should be laying in that). For a while they preferred shallow card board boxes with shavings in them. Most recently, they bypass all the nest boxes and lay all their eggs in a nest they made in the shredded paper in the corner their coop. They keep this paper nest clean too...I never find poop in it, just eggs. I also have a small plastic dog house in their pen in case anyone gets lazy and doesn't want to go all the way back to the coop to lay.

    Look around your house and garage. I am sure you have something they will lay in...they really aren't picky.
  3. Dingleberry

    Dingleberry Songster

    Apr 22, 2010
    I was given a 3 box row. I have seen kitty litter boxes with the top on
    also you can even do a dish pan with one side cut out. or 2 dish soap pand on tip of each other with a hole cut out. (dollar store)
    if you are not concerned with the looks the possibilities are endless
    If you can construct some I think double one would run you about $10.oo.
    The local HD (if you have one) go to the scrap wood bin by the cutters and you can get Good wood peices for cheep
    Go to the dollar store to get some ideas.
  4. busywoman

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    May 11, 2010
    Anchorage, Alaska
    I have seen some people using small plastic bins/totes that they just put on the floor of the coop and fill with straw. It seems to work fine. Chickens don't care if their nesting boxes are top of line or pretty, simple will suffice. Also, I think milk crates would be good too. Good luck! [​IMG]
  5. jennh

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    Jun 21, 2007
    Quote:an old experienced breeder gave me this tip which I [​IMG] ----cardboard boxes [​IMG] They are free, when they get dirty , just throw them on the compost pile and get new ones. There are plenty of boxes that match the measurements needed for nesting boxes. One hint, I usually cut a lip on the bottom of the box to keep the nesting material and eggs in [​IMG]

  6. zazouse

    zazouse Crowing

    Sep 7, 2009
    Southeast texas
    i use 5 gallon buckets turned on their side, they are easy to keep clean and when i have a broody ready to hatch i can place bucket ,hen & eggs all at once in a kennle till hatch is over.

    You can get free buckets at fast food places or heavy equipment rentals

    My husband gets buckets from work, they get hydrolic fluid in them, he cleans them and brings home about 30 at a time, we use them for everything here on our farm.
  7. Tala

    Tala Flock Mistress

    Quote:Ditto. We also have a 5gal bucket laid on it's side with the lid cut in half to keep some bedding in there (free from a bakery trash dumpster, used to have icing in it). That's all I had for a while, and they all used it. I have a pic around here with 3 Leghorns sitting in it at the same time!!!!
    Some of my hens prefer a darker area though - my neighbor gave me a free small sized doghouse that is just a bit larger than the 5gal bucket - some hens seem to prefer laying in there now that we have it. Use whatever you can get!
  8. briteday

    briteday Songster

    Dec 16, 2008
    Northern NV
    I bought a garage organizer bin at Lowe's and the girls loved it, so I bought 3 more. They are about $8 and stackable. Grey plastic so they are washable and don't show much dirt.
  9. Doodle_Doo

    Doodle_Doo Songster

    Oct 10, 2009
    Missouri City, TX
    hahaha i just use shoe boxes the cardboard ones..i saw one of my phoenix hens in one
    and they have taken to them great [​IMG]
    they have already hatched out babies
    i just fill the box with the trimmings from when the lawn is cut and they enjoy that

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  10. froggie71

    froggie71 Songster

    Apr 18, 2009
    Shamong, NJ
    Quote:We have these too. 4 girls can fit into 1 at a time too. [​IMG]
    This is a more spread out shot.

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