None Of My Eggs Hatched

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    I had 2 eggs under my broody and I waited until the 24th day to recandle them. I could see the forming chick but the eggs smelled a little and the liquid inside looked really runny. So I did an eggtopsy and it looked like the chick was only about an inch. I could see the eyes and all the beginnings of their parts but it was like they just gave up. I'm pretty bummed about it because this was a first time hatching for me as well as for my hen, Bonnie. I've had another broody hen sitting on new eggs so maybe this time will be better. I figured maybe it was just too hot for Bonnie to be successful.

    Then something took one of my new baby chicks that was given to me. The other chick has a scratch over her eye. After baby proofing my chick's pen, she was acting very lonely. So now I am in search of someone close by with 2 to 3 week old chicks to give her some company.

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