None of my new hens are laying


10 Years
May 7, 2009
Brooksville, FL
I've got 4 marans, and americauna, and a hybrid I hatched, all of which are around 18-19 weeks, and none of them have started laying. And of the 4 of my older hens that have been laying, only one is laying consistently anymore. It's like a barren ghost town in my coop. Any ideas why?
I'm not familiar with those particular breeds, but 18-19 weeks is pretty early to expect eggs. I have a batch of bantams that hatched the first week in May and only two of the six has started laying just this last week. Have your pullets shown signs that they're coming to maturity? Reddening combs, squatting, throwing bits of grass over their shoulders?

How old are your other hens?

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