Normal alpha hen behavior? I am so proud.


11 Years
Jul 16, 2008
South Carolina
I have 2 BA hens, 2 Ameraucana hens, 1EE and 1 Ameraucana roo. The 2 Ameraucana hens are newer, Been there about 2 months after quarantine. The white Ameraucana, Belle, is very timid and gets picked on a bit, esp by the EE, Sami, which is also the roo's fave. Fin is my big BA and she is top hen, not even Jack messes with Big Fin(so named because we thought she was a he). The other day Sami was once again picking on Belle who had flattened herself to the ground and couldn't be any more submissive. Then Fiona joined in, the other BA. Jack the roo just watched and I was on the other side of a latched gate. Now for the proud part, Fin walked over and straddled Belle's head facing the other 2 and fluffed out every feather on her body and shrieked. She them proceeded to whoop on Sami, Fiona, and even Jack. Fin has always been the boss but never bossy or mean. I was so proud that she came to Belle's rescue. Has anyone else seen this kind of behavior in a top hen?

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