Normal behaviour? New duck owner

Jun 13, 2022
Hello! Short story, Rescued 2 Indian runner ducks just over a week ago, they are now approx 10 weeks old and no idea what their genders are yet. I also have 6 chickens.

My question is, what is the normal level lf daily activity for a duck. Ive read about niacin deficiency before I rescued them so made sure I started them on supplementation straight away. So I dont think its a Niacin deficiency but cant rule it out. In their run they have a coop, pool/pond, their food and water, and shelter. However I open the run during the day so they can free range as the run isnt very big at the moment but they wont leave it. My chickens stand at their gate begging to come out during the day but my ducks arent most active, not compared to my chickens. They never want to leave their run and everytime I encourage them to come out, they run straight back in again. Is this normal for ducks???

Thank you
Runners are an especially skiddish breed of duck. If hand raised, they can be much more social. Since you have moved relocated them they are just going to take time to get use to their surroundings. As long as they feel safe enough to eat and drink, they are doing good. Treats may help them venture a little further, but a scared duck will only do soo much for a treat until it is more comfortable. So give them time.

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