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Oct 25, 2020
Hi All, first time chicken mama here and my babies are all 7 weeks old tomorrow, I have two boys and two girls and one I’m not sure if it’s a boy or a girl however, my girl Suzie is constantly fighting with the boys to the point they are drawing blood on each other’s faces, the boys are considerably bigger than Suzie but she gives it her all and having watched them it’s her that starts the fighting

my question is - is this normal behaviour? And should I separate the boys to give them peace or will that make it worse when they are together?

Everything I can find on the net suggests hens will establish a pecking order with each other but she doesn’t bother with the other two just the boys.

this forum has been a godsend for me thank you in advance ☺️
Are you sure Susie is a girl? You may want to post photos under “what gender or breed is this? Forum. Normally chicks this age will fight if they don’t have enough space. How much square footage do you have for them right now?😊
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This is suzie, they have no restrictions during the day and roam around the whole garage area and outside In the garden now that they are old enough then at night they have around 4 sq ft each for bedtime. She actively seeks out the boys to fight them where as the other two and boys happily scratch around and wander about all day, is it too young for bullying? I’m wondering if she is just a complete bully but it’s just strange how her targets are the two definite boys ☺️


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