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Apr 12, 2020
Colorado front range
I have 3 chickens, about the same age, all different breeds and all have been with us since late March. 2 are happy free range chickens who wander about the yard during the day eating bugs and sheltering in the shade. The 3rd is a bit odd IMO, but maybe not all chickens are social? This one spent 2 full days in the small coop and only moved to the nesting box to lay an egg, then went back to hiding her head under the water dispenser. When she does come out into the yard, she seems to be hiding, under the rainwater collection barrel (it sits up on cinder blocks), under the large iris plant, but never seems to wander about like the others. She does struggle a bit with walking, seems to have a lame leg, but it doesn’t stop her from getting to the egg-laying spot. Should I be concerned, and if so, any suggestions on what the issue may be? She still eats and lays, just not out and about ,like the others.

These are my first chickens EVER!

thank you for your experience and advice.


Jun 16, 2020
I’m sure the lame leg makes her feel more vaulnerable than if she was not lame. Chickens are prey animals so I’m sure she’s aware of her lame leg and is acting this way to keep her self safe seeing how she would be slower to react in the event of something trying to get her.
Address the injured leg and she’ll most likely heal and be more mobile and less afraid.

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