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9 Years
Oct 2, 2010

I grew up on a farm with chickens, but we sold the farm when I was 9, so I don't remember much. At the present time we haven't bought any chickens. We bought a small farm in extreme Northeast WA state, and need to convert an old shed into a roost. My greatest fear is the low temps here in the winter.
I found while surfing the net and I'm really impressed by the well organized site.
I'm semi retired, and work summers for the National Park Service. My wife works and goes to college, and I want to teach our 16 year old son how to be self sufficient as well as prepareing for full retirement and lower pay!!
I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone!
from Ohio. So glad you joined.
From Western Washington State. Feel free to look up your states thread. it will be under Index- Where am I? Where are You!+EasternWashington. Or please feel free to join us on the Washington thread.
Yes... self suffient and set you goals low!!! rah rah... (just kidding) The economy is the pits.... My kids are learning that curve as well.. How to fill out unemployement apps and get foods stamps may just end up being on the high school cirriculum!!!
Hello and Welcome from Eastern Wa. You shouldn't worry to much about the cold you need to make sure there are no drafts it's the icy wind that is dangerous to them. Try to pic cold hearty breeds like orpingtons, bard rocks, sex links and many more breeds. Just get on the forum and start asking questions, you will find all answers you need. Enjoy BYC!

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