9 Years
Oct 15, 2010
Z town NC
I have alot to go though, alot toread. i want the hens, but I want to be in the know.
I have helped with organic egg production and want my own hens!
. I am also new and anxiously awaiting spring when we will finally be ready for chicks! I just read threads that look like there will be need-to-know info and take it from there. I ALMOST feel like I'll know what I'm doing when my chicks arrive!
You will learn as you go, read and ask questions. You will get a lot of advice to use along the way. Read the Breeds Page if see what type of chickens will suit you needs/wants, and go for it. We did and are happy about our picks. There is also a lot of help on the Forum Information and FAQs that was a big help to us.
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Casper, Welcome from Eastern Wa. You are really trying to break the mold here LOL. When we bought our girls we didn't even have a coop LOL. Good luck!

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