Northern Calif. Free to a good home


9 Years
Jan 19, 2011
San Pablo, CA
We inherited seven chicks from a hatching project in a third-grade class at the San Francisco school where my wife teaches. Of the seven, five are male. We live in an unincorporated area and have always been able to have chickens, including roosters. Recently an ordinance was passed that banned all roosters, so they must go. They are: Salmon Faverolles, Blue Cochin, Blue Splash Ameraucana, Buff Brahma Bantam, Calico Cochin Bantam. I also have a Salmon Faverolles pullet and a Blue/Black Cochin (the other 2 from the same hatch) that I can include if anyone wants a pair. The eggs are from an NPIP certified hatchery. They hatched on March 22.
Sorry to hear that. Unbelievable that they can make a new rule and then you have to get rid of animals that you already have. I think it would be much more fair to you and humane for the animals if the rule applied to new animals and current resident roos would be allowed to live the remainder of their lives where they are. I would be strongly protesting if that happened here...and probably moving because I would feel pretty violated.

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