northern California


Apr 26, 2015
Northern California
Hello everyone! I just wanted to start my own post for those of us from nrthern CA! I woud like to talk about our pets gardens kids and lifes! I live in lake county north east of santa rosa and east of ukiah, i live here with my husband our two sons (2yrs&9month) our 6! Dogs a heeler a pit the son pitXheeler mix a Chihuahua a maltese and a maltese yorkie 2 guinie pig buster and loppy and our 3 new chicks 2 polish mix (nugget & violet) and oeg mamba! I started my first veggie garden this year its having its up and downs! And im consideri!g getting a goat or 2 in the near future! Anybody out there in the area would love to share tips on pets gardening ect.

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