Norwegian Jaerhon Hatching Eggs ~ 1 doz+


11 Years
Dec 6, 2008
Western Colorado
After 8 years with these friendly birds, I thoroughly love and appreciate my Norwegian Jaerhon flock!

They have been very winter-hardy here in the high Rockies. Active, alert and able to fly, which gives them good odds of getting away from predators. I free-range my laying flock in the woods surrounding my mountain home, this has indeed been a great "plus."

The pale, "wild" crele coloring is calming to look at. I never grow tired of their understated Scandinavian beauty. They are a light-weight bird and not a heavy eater, thriving very well on their foraging and the supplementary whole-grain diet I serve. They lay a nice-sized, creamy white and bulbous egg, perfect for my pasanke (Ukranian egg painting) in size, shape and color and are strong winter layers.

The flock has been an easy one to keep. Mild-mannered with one another (including the roos, who tend to be gentlemen) and they have blended in well with my bantam and larger breeds.

USPS Priority Mail shipping is included, $35/doz or $50 for 2 doz+. Eggs wrapped and padded with great care.

Payment via PayPal.

Please feel free to ask questions!
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I tried to send a PM, not sure if it went through. I would love to buy a dozen. What is your paypal address?
Thank you!

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