Norwegian Jaerhon males or females


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Oct 14, 2008
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I posted this on the Jaerhon thread but got no answer. Feathersite says they can be sexed by color as chicks but the two I hatched look the same to me.


From what I've read about them females are darker than males. Those two look to be the same shade of brown, so its either two boys or two girls. Off to see if I can find some pics to compare. Be back soon!
K- so here's what I found. Obviously this is a picture from feathersite, so it isn't mine. But I think it shows the differences between the boys and girls pretty well. The girls are the darker chicks, the light ones are boys. Based on that, I'm thinking you may have two little cockerals there. But I've never even seen a Jaerhorn so I could be wrong. Hope this helps!
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Yeah, I looked at the pictures on facebook but the one above that one has a picture of a male and female and the male looks darker. Not that knowing which one was darker might help since mine are both the same color, lol. I guess I need more eggs.

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