Not a good way to end the year...


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Nov 17, 2009
Republic of Panama
On New Year's eve my mom fell and broke a hip. No, she wasn't even partying! She fell in her living room after closing the drapes. She is now doing really good, and will be home next week, thanks to the insurance company that won't cover anymore hospital stay! Grrrrr, I hate insurance companies that make blanket decisions. Mom is a very young 92 years and up until this happened she was still living alone and driving, she is one independent lady and really seems like she is in her 70's.I won't go on about how I went round and round with the insurance company, just going to plan B.
Sorry to hear about your mom's injury. Hope she's doing much better soon!

My (belated) New Year's resolution is that I'm trying not to sound as negative, so I'll
about the insurance company.
What is plan B? Sorry yer momma is going through this.

We are going to have her come home next week so I guess that is called 'plan B'. In the mean time well get things set up so she will be comfortable, bedside commode, shower chair, wheel chair... Her insurance will cover visits by a PT up to 75 visits in a calendar year. So with the support of her family she should do pretty good.

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