Not a stellar day!


12 Years
Mar 30, 2007
Belleville, Kansas
Ok, I love my pyr. I really do. But during the day he is in "confinement" which means I walk him on leash. For the most part, he is good. At night he sticks around and does his job, its mainly days that he wanders so I have brought him into the house. I housetrained him when little, he has been good that way.

And I posted a week ago or so about the new dumped kitty that is so pretty. Well stupid dumped kitty decided to make an appearance today in front of said big young playful 13 month old enormous puppy that REALLY takes his job seriously. I have not been able to introduce them as of yet, as she has always hidden when I am out with him.

Well of course I yelled No and she at first stopped, hissed and tried to scratch him. The stopping was the good thing to do, but not the other two. Then she made a break for it toward the pole barn.
There is quite a bit of snow on the ground yet and slippery mud. WHY I held onto his leash, I will never know. Looking back on it, I should have let the leash go. Yep, hindsight is 20/20.

Anyhow, landed in the snow after running full tilt, I am a lil too heavy to be the cartoon person flapping in the wind, but really was just about there, believe me. That would have been much more fun.

I came back in, Dodo following me, ....crying and thinking I was mortally wounded with a very sad pup. He really didnt know WHAT he did wrong.

I put him in the garage and wailed for a little while until I stopped hurting, then realized I couldnt see so went back out to find my glasses. At least they werent broken. All I got was wet, cold and two bloody and very very sprained two middle fingers, got off easy. And they are easing up now.

And the poor dog never did get to pee. I looked out at him a bit ago and he is lying there all chastened and sad. Poor dodohead. I didnt punish him or anything, he just knew he hurt momma somehow and was sad. I fried an egg, and hand not working too well, burned my hand with a grease spatter. Well anyhow, shared my egg with dodo. All is good. He was just doing his job. He is good at it.

Someone please tell me why I didnt let go of that leash? Reminds me of the time I was water skiing and didnt let go of the rope when I went down.
Sometimes for the normally halfway intelligent being that I hope that I am, I am woefully stupid.

Anyhow, how was YOUR day???

I really DO love dodohead, just for a few minutes this morning, laying in the snow and dirt and wondering if anything had broken, I almost wished he didnt take his job so seriously.

Oh and dont take offense, I only call him dodohead in the most loving of ways.
This is my huggable poobear, Bandit. Pardon the mess, he made most of it!


Oh so YOUR the one that gave me that cat!
(I have to blame someone!).
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