Not able, or Not Interested. Flying Question.


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Jun 21, 2016
West Virginia
I think they are 7 to 8 weeks old now. They are just now starting to get a tiny bit of a color patch on their wings. One quacks very loud. One --- kinda quacks but not really.

I think I have read on other posts that mallards can fly by this age. These duckies will stand on their toes and flap, but do not seem interested in flying away; even when I am corralling them into their house for the night, or back home from the river.

I am interested in clipping their wings to keep them home if they need it. Should I do this now - or by this point is it safe to say they are possibly a rouen hybrid and will not fly? Or, are they a bit over weight? LOL They look good to me, but I'm not really sure what Ducks are supposed to look like.

Sorry for all the newbie questions!

PS, they have an entire river to swim in, plus a pool in their pen. We were playing in the front yard in these pics and I wanted to make sure they had something to drink while we were out there - hence the tupperware water tub.



May 8, 2016
Alberta, Canada
They look like purebred Mallards- 3-5 lbs. Rouens have two eye stripes and are 7-10 lbs.
They will start flying soon. My ducks are mixed, and not the best flyers, but they would do the flappy dance at 10-12 weeks. At 13 ish weeks, with a wind they started lifting off, but they are about 4-7 lbs.
Clip wings early on to avoid any mishaps, IMO.

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