Not all going in coop before dusk and no eggs

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Jun 29, 2012
i have nine hen Salmon Favoralles that are now 6 months old and no eggs yet?? Should I do something to encourage laying? Also, I have an automatic door on the coop and they have all gone in every night. Recently, some are not going in and the door locks them out. I go out and put them in, but what would cause them to stop going in the coop before the door shuts? Thanks for the help! I just love my girls!:)
The "no eggs" problem could depend on what you are feeding the girls. Certain feeds contain ingredients that encourage egg laying. For example, we feed laying pellets.

Not going in before dusk could be because the area has too much artificial light. Chickens behave based on the light conditions. Plus, perhaps you should change the time the automatic door closes.
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. If you are letting them free range out of the run - they could be laying and hiding eggs? How do their combs look? The combs will get red and look puffed up when they get close to laying. You could put a night light in the coop to help draw them in. You could teach them to come by giving scratch and feeding it in the run.
There coop is in a large fenced area, so nothing can get to them. I have put a heat light in the coop since the temp is getting folder at night. I thought maybe getting dark early was affecting their clocks.
Thanks for the feedback. I feed them 16% layer pellets, plus a lot of extras, like veggies, bread, etc.

The only lighting now is a red heat light in their coop for heat. Seems to be getting a little better, everyone went in last night and only two out tonight. They are inside a large fenced area, but I worry about fox scaling the fence.

Thanks for the feedback.
There are six nest boxes on one side of the coop. The light is a red heat lamp that I used when they were peeps in the brooder.
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Maybe the heat light is to warm? I have Favs and I have not had to give them heat. Maybe they are not laying yet. Give them some more time. They may start laying later than the average since the days are getting shorter.

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