Not convinced she is broody.

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    May 13, 2011
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    Ok my white rock is still really picking on the Americauna whenever she sees her. The Am is totally passive but really getting pecked by the WR. I am kicking her out of the nest boxes daily. She is only 5 months old, laid regularly for about 2 weeks and has stopped since she became the lowest on the pecking order and moved into the nest box for extended time. When I kick her out, she eats and drinks, but was quickly finding her way back to the box. Today I blocked the entrance to the nest boxes ( although I have no idea how this will go over if my other 2 decide its time to start laying. )What strikes me odd is that she has not laid an egg in about 4-5 days and is not sitting on any. When I lift the lid to the nest box, this girl who generally is afraid to eat from my hand, hardly coos a word while I pick her up. No struggle to escape. Her color looks ok, she has lost a little weight, but I see nothing wrong with her. Could my WR be pecking and sitting on her because she is sick? or is she just extremely docile while broody? I wish birds could talk. [​IMG]
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    Mar 29, 2011
    sounds like she is broody to me. I have two right now.
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    Oct 31, 2008
    It's possible that the nestbox is the safest place she can find and she is hiding. Perhaps she is too stressed to keep laying. We find the chickens in the nest boxes:
    1. At night when they are almost grown but not yet fitting into the roost hierarchy
    2. When they aren't feeling well for any reason
    3. When they are about to molt ( see reason #2)
    4. When they are broody.
    5. When they want to snuggle with their young chicks in a safe place. We just put the week old chicks up in the nest with mama tonight. They were huddled in a corner and she was in the nest. In a few days they will follow her up the ramp to the nest at night. Our last broody did that too. Why? I guess they just feel safer there.

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