Not drinking water??

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    Has anyone had a chicken that would not drink water?? Livie, my nearly 2 yr old, Easter Egger just will not drink water?? I have put some ACV in the water a couple times when it was called for and I've recently, even put a vitamin in the water. She wasn't even eating a few weeks ago. I tube feed her and nursed her back to eating and running and playing with my other hen again. However she still just will not even look at the water?? I've got several bowls of water all over the coup and the run for them. I change the water bowls twice a day, so it's clean and fresh. I've been having to hydrate her with a syringe just to get water in her!!?? WHAT IN THE WORLD COULD BE CAUSING HER NOT TO DRINK?? OOOOOH I'VE even changed their water bowls to see if maybe by looking different they would call her attention but still nothing??

    I've heard some people say to NEVER put anything in their water cause then they won't drink it at all?? Now I'm wondering if that's why she's quit drinking water.. from the vitamins and ACV I've put in the past?? Anyone have any ideas to help me here PLEASE??!!! Can I give her something else other than water to see if that would make her drink?? Anything safe to maybe give her?? Veg broth maybe??
    I'm stumped!!!!
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    Maybe you need to stop trying to get her to drink. You could try putting some water in the feed, making a mush, and see if she would take some. But I wouldn't push anything too much, just let her decide if and when she wants to drink.
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    Eggcessive is right, she maybe finding water some where. Water + feed + ACV = FF/fermented feed (read thread, long one). Great for digestion & nutritional intact, less stinky poop, firmer poop & they do drink less water. I do have water out for them, add 1T ACV to gallon of water, the ACV needs to have the 'mother' in both cases, not the distilled one.

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