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Mar 29, 2009
columbus ohio
So this is the story. Had chickens for four years with no problems :) In april we hatched babies under a broody silkie :) One night they got attacked in the coop and 4 got killed. In August we went on vacation and left the care of the flock with a trusted neighbor. The entire flock got killed by a predator. When we got home the kids were upset so we bought 18 sexed pullets. Well half of them were boys and much to the kids protests and tears the boys were rehomed. We spent every weekend for months and 1700.00 to build the coop of our dreams. Very first day in thethe new freeto range area a hawk killed my polish. 2 days later my other polish jumped the fence and was killed by the dog. In december I bought my 10 year daughter 6 silkie chicks for christmas from a reputable breeder. They all had ILT. 2 died and my flock was contaminated. My entire flock is getting sick one bird at a time. We have lost 4. After 5 days of syringe feeding,atb,eye drops and much cuddling our favorite silkie from the "older" flock died. Now I am left with 12 ILT infected hens and 3 of 4 remaining christmas silkies are crowing. This is not fun anymore. Now we have to decide if we will cull our pets. We show for 4 H but can't now. This past 5 months has totally sucked any joy I had from keeping chickens right out of me. I am so sad, I really enjoyed it and spent alot of time with them but one can only take so much sadness and disappointment. Has anyone else here had this feeling. I just don't know if it is worth it anymore! Sorry for the long post..just had to get it out.


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Jul 3, 2011
yes. :( your not alone. 2 weeks ago an owl killed my favorate chicken Rosy (she was the runt of the springs hatch)
and 3 days later a racoon killed her sister and left the body on the porch like a sick joke......but i cant imagine what going through all that feels like

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