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    Apr 17, 2010
    Hi everyone not happy went and checked on the 2 broodys who were sitting on eggs. The blue/silver was sitting on 7 eggs now theres only 6 the white hen was sitting on 8 eggs now only has 2 eggs, I found 2 eggs out in the run stone cold. The blue/silvers egg no where to be found. Nothing got in and eatten the eggs i found a bit of shell in the white hens nest nothing in the other nest. But all eggs were coated in egg yolk. So tommorrow i'm going to have to clean the coop and nest box and try and break these 2 broodys. I just hope them eatting the eggs hasn't distroyed them for good. The blue/silver hens eggs were fertile too. Would moving the nest boxs out in the run work eg in the cold, or do i need to do the cage. Just that the only coop big enough for the cage i have is the standards coop and could 2 hens go in together or do they need there own cage. Being silkies would dipping them in water work?

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    Suspended cage is the best way to break them. The idea is the have the bottom open to the air so they can't keep the eggs warm... they'll give up in a couple days. I've caged silkies together without any problems.
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    IMO they need to separated. In a dog cage, rabbit cage, rabbit hutch or something but they need to be separate to fully concentrate and not be concerned with another hen touching them or thier eggs.
    If they see another hen with eggs they "know' it's their's and will steal it.
    The eggs get broken with the sealing back and forth. Eggs get pushed aside in the scuffles. After they are cold and dead, the hens push them aside. Broken eggs are eaten as to not attract predators. It is a "broody" thing.
    Good luck with your hatch!


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