Not laying in nesting box


9 Years
Jul 12, 2010
My chicken just started to lay eggs last Monday, and has layed a total of 7 eggs...the last 2 she laid inside the roost area, and not in nesting box....I have fake eggs in the nesting box, why would she stop laying in the box?
Hopefully because she's still learning. Maybe she got in a hurry and couldn't get to the nest. Possibly a predator or some mites/lice in the nest; you didn't give much info.
Mine did that until I REMOVED the fake eggs from the nesting box.
They have been laying there ever since!

I also did throw in some fresh wood shavings in the boxes to make it feel "new and clean"
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I will take the "fake" eggs out tonight and see what happens tomorrow...Thanks...I don't think we have a lice/mite issue.....Thanks for advice! We just changed the wood shavings on Sunday, so I think that part is ok...

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