Not laying in the brooder box.

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    May 27, 2011
    I have 3 white leghorns who have been laying an egg each every day. Untill just this week they all three layed in one box so I took the other boxes out a long time ago. All of a sudden this week they are laying in different places mostly hard to get to spots. Why would they all change like that and at the same time?
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    Not trying to be smart, really -- but, because they want to! [​IMG] Chickens do keep us on our toes, and sometimes it's a piece of detective work to figure out what's going on..

    Maybe the new spot is more hidden, or roomier, or smaller, and they prefer this? Maybe they like the bedding better?

    Many people use some sort of fake egg, like golf balls, to encourage them to use the desired nest box. They seem to be drawn to add to another egg. Plastic easter eggs filled with something like sand to make them heavier work well -- or small rocks shaped more or less like an egg -- whatever you have. Color doesn't seem to matter. I bought some inexpensive golf balls at a dollar store and they usually lay in a nest with a golf ball.

    With 3 chickens you definitely only need one nest. If they are fairly new to egg laying, or new to your property, they may still be getting settled down, which can easily take a month. I'd try some sort of fake egg, fluff up and freshen the hay (or whatever) in the nest, and give them a little time.

    Oh, another possibility is some mites or fleas or ants, something, in the nest they were using. Even a snake or rat. That sort of thing is an ongoing project for many. I sprinkle a little Sevin when I change the hay or have to clean some poop out of the nest.

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