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7 Years
Apr 12, 2012
I have five Rhode Island Reds, rescued from a 'free range farm' about a year ago. Maggie, whom I have always thought was the eldest has gone down hill fast, drinking a little, but not really eating, empty crop, shrunk & faded crown, dirty vent & light as a feather (half the weight of my other ladies), loss of balance & inability to fold her wings... What to do? She doesn't appear to be in pain, but imagine she will starve to death soon.... She is a pet & I am happy that her life since moving her has been a safe, happy & free time with natural forage food, plus organic non GM supplement. Still very sad, so do I let nature take its course or get her a helping hand? Thoughts appreciated, Ali
We don't seem to have mites at this time of year & the other ladies appear to be very healthy, I think she has just come to the end? But not sure
Well there is a whole lot of things it could possibly be. If it were my bird I'd start by deworming her with something effective and safe like Valbazen or Safeguard. Chickens can be very hard to diagnose so sometimes you just have to start by ruling out the most common and easily treated problems. Worms were my first guess due to the pale comb, weight loss and dirty behind. An infestation will bring a bird down and eventually kill it but are easy enough to keep under control with a regular deworming program. This could be a lot of things but that is where I would start. Any ideas on her age?
I'd imagine she is about 2 1/2 or 3? I'm going to try some worming tablets, see how that goes
Explain inability to fold wings? Explain dirty vent,are you referring to diarrhea,if so look up vent gleet. Along with worming,have you checked her for crop issues? She may be dehydrated(shrunken comb)check for being egg bound(even thought she is older,still check).
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