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Mar 8, 2015
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I have had chickens going on 4 years this year. I have one salmon faverolle that is 4. I originally had 4 salmons but 3 have died due to heat. I never would have chosen that breed I was supposed to get sex links! But I did and do love them. I live in california where suppoedummers are 100 to 115! So if you live in heat make sure you get heat tolerant birds. My salmons were a French breed meant for cold weather. My one salmon still lays pretty regular at 4 with a small light salmon colored egg.
I also have 4 buff orpingtons. They are great egg layers and very docile. Very quiet and I love watching them. Beautiful light brown to a darker brown medium to large egg.
And, more chicks tomorrow! I want the Easter eggers for hopefully green or pink eggs. I also seem to think that breed with Don well in my flock. I am only getting 3 chicks. So I'll have a total 8 hens.
I have an ecoglow heat plate in my brooder and that works best and is safer. Can't wait to get my new chicks!
Owning chickens has been so much fun. I have learned so much especially from this site.


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Apr 9, 2013
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:frowWelcome back.

I'm just next door in AZ with the same summer heat you have there :sick

My EE girl seems to do well in the heat, but she loves water and uses their wading pools regularly. I have mostly Australorps right now, and two naked necks. If these 2 breeds fare well this summer I'm eventually going with all Aussies and NNs in the future.

Hope you enjoy your new babies. Pics are always welcome!

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