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Oct 10, 2020
I’m Toyah from SE TX and have 6 laying hens and 18 chicks. RIR, EE, Light Brahma, Plymouth Rock, Jersey Giants. We live on a cattle ranch so the chickens get to free range and have access to the horse barn and pastures but have a 12’x12’ divided coop to roost at night.

I love them all... the eggs, watching them grow, talking to them, checking on them several times a day. I work from home in a corporate position but I am a fluid painting artist, also. We don’t get out much as home is our safe place and our refuge from crazy stuff outside.

I came across the BYC site almost 3 years ago when I got my first chicks and knew nothing! Thanks, y’all for helping me learn how to be a chicken Momma.


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