Not one roo in the bunch


12 Years
Apr 19, 2007
Last spring i recieved 11 Ameraucana eggs in the mail. Out of 11 8 hatched. 5 blacks and 3 blues. Lost one blue due to a crossed beek. They are 5 months old now and not one roo in the bunch. Kinda bumbed i was hopeing to get at least one hen not the other way around. I'll have to try again next spring to get a roo.
Isn't it funny! When you don't want or can't have a roo you'll be overrun in them. Want one, ain't gonna happen.
Part of Murphy's Law I guess.
I ordered two silkies, which of course are only sold in straight run by most hatcheries. Given our luck I was sure I'd get at least one roo out of the two. More likely, both would be roos. Nope, the silkie experts tell me I have two pullets.

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