Not only are they addicting, they are contagious!

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    Oct 12, 2008
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    Yesterday there was a knock on my door and it was a neighbor from down the street. He had a package that the mail man delivered to his house that belonged to me. I'd never met this neighbor before, by the way. So I thanked him and then he asked if those were my chickens (which he could see through the fence in the back yard). I said, "yes", a little worried at first that he might make it an issue. He said, "my wife and I hear your rooster every morning."
    I cringed a little and said, "oh, you hear him all the way down there?"
    He said, "oh yeah..." and then just when I thought I might be in trouble he added, "and my wife is sooooo jealous."
    This guy even told me something I wasn't sure about...he said that he thought there might be an ordinance against them but then he checked and there isn't. lol. I now, right? I should know this but when I wanted them I had tunnel vision and was willing to take a chance. (I did look it up but the ordinance seemed rather vague to me.)
    Anyway we stood there and talked chicken for a while and then I invited him in and we talked chicken some more! lol. His wife wants chickens but wants to wait until she's done with school. I told him I'd help them out when she was ready. I got mine from a guy I saw on this site and he will sell them one or a dozen. And he said he would definitely call us when they were ready, so Andy, if you're reading this, we're sending customers your way soon! And I told him about BYC (of course).
    I think I'll go down today and meet his wife and take them some eggs....why would she wait to be done with school before she got chicks? They are really self-sufficient. It shouldn't take away from her schooling....yeah, I have some campaigning to do. [​IMG]
    More chooks in the hood!! I can't wait!
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    Yes, tell her chickens and BYC are a good incentive - I reward myself... do a chore read a post, do a chore - pet the chickens... lol. I think most people think they are way more work than they turn out to be.

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