Not sure chick will make it


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Apr 1, 2007
N. Carolina
My broody hatched 6 out of 8 starting Friday. Yesterday(Mon.) the last 2 were pipped and zipping but the broody hen and/ or chicks started pecking their shells, leaving membrane exposed. One had died because of this, but the other was struggling to get out. I helped it using warm water to moisten the membrane. It was covered in dried membrane like super glue. I had no choice but to carefully submerge it's body in warm water, leaving only it's head dry. It's also got what I thought was poop stuck on it's vent but I think it is the umbilical cord, because it's a little further down than the vent. I held it under a heat lamp for an hour, then placed it under broody for the night. It was still alive this morning so I brought it in. I knew it would get picked on by the other now 4 day old chicks, and also knew broody wouldn't sit anymore. I have it inside on a heating pad set to low, wrapped in a towel. It chokes when I give it a little bit of water and constantly peeps, like it's in distress. Its feet are all messed up..crippled.
Has anyone successfully had a chick like this survive?

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