Not sure if it is heat or not

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    Aug 7, 2007
    near ottawa ontario
    I am not to sure if it is heat related or something else. One bird will go over by itself and sit there ,all puff up. WIll not move unless you make it move. Then it goes back into it same position .Oh ya. It looks like it is sleeping. If it hears a sound it will open it eyes then close them again. DOes any one know what is going on ?
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    Hens will pretty much only stay puffed up if they are ill or broody. If she's nesting, puffing up and growling at you, then she's broody. If she's just puffing up and acting drowsy, then she's probably ill. In severe heat, they will hold their wings out a bit and pant through their beaks, so it's not the heat (although the heat could be exasperating an illness). But without more information, it's difficult to tell anything.
    I would put her in a dog crate or pen indoors if you can so that you can monitor whether she's eating, drinking, pooping, and able to move about normally, and then give up more info. so we can try to help.
  3. pine top

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    Sep 28, 2009
    this brid is diffinitly sick but i dont know with what i have had this same thing this year and terted it with albon from vet and it worked good luck if this goes untreted thay will die

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