Not sure what is wrong But Hen Not Doing Well..

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    Oct 28, 2008
    Hard to truly pin down symptoms because really only thing happening is that she is really lethargic/maybe cold/shivering and very very skinny.. she is a silkie cross hen that is of unknown age... I have had her for about 6 years and when I got her (she was a freebie thrown in with my silkie pair) she was already laying well and appeared fully mature.. so at this point I believe she is probably up there in years.. as of this past weekend she was coming out of coop and eating scratch in the area.. as of today she does not appear to be doing well at all.. I put her in a cat carrier with a lot of pine shavings and some food and warm water.. no interest in either.. does appear to be weak and was having some trouble standing.. I moved her from coop into my barn where it is a bit warmer here in NE OH but not much.. I don't want to shock her totally bringing her in my very warm house from the winter mess we have here.. cold and snow.. I had a nother silkie hen pass away several weeks ago and appeared somewhat similar to this.. no visible discharge from eyes, nose, no sneezing, no diarrhea to speak of.. no significant parasite (external) problem.. but when picking her up her Keel bone area is so pronounced she feels like skeleton with feathers.. I hate not knowing "where it hurts."
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    I had one do that and when I really inspected good, she was covered in lice. It was super hard to see. She did not make it. Really check her good and make her drink with an eye dropper or something. she needs fluids!
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    Look up the threads on internal laying. Sounds like it could be that. I've had four hens die of it and one more that will soon.

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