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Jul 28, 2013
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Hi I have 6 assorted girls that are about 23 weeks 2 are laying maybe be three
I know my NHR was 1st then my BA and a few days got 3 eggs so I thought the other NHR was laying
but also saw her turnaround after she laid a egg on the ground everyone rushes over and ate it :( now I haven't witness that again but only get 2 eggs a day......(no one eats them) I find no evidence of "egg eating" but haven't gotten 3 eggs in about a week?? any precautions I can take while at work all day?? 4 of the 6 are "squating and hope to see moreeggs soon!! I just love having these girls!!
my new motto... "Stop and smell the chicken poop!!"
They will eat a broken egg in a heartbeat. It doesn't mean they are becoming a flock of egg eaters. Some "old timers" purposely toss and break their damaged or "poopy" eggs on the ground for the chickens to eat. Pecking an egg open to eat is a learned behavior and really doesn't happen that often, I don't believe, especially in a flock just coming into lay.

A soft shelled egg is more likel to get broken, just in the laing, or when someone bumps it or steps on it. Pullets coming into lay are more likely to lay odd eggs such as soft shelled eggs. Many people offer some oyster shell in a separate container, in case one of the flock needs extra calcium; their requirements can vary. I keep some out and evidently only have one or two who ever eat any of it, as it takes forever for a dish to empty. I buy it in TSC for $6 or $8 a bag, maybe a quart or two of it, whch probably lasts a year here.

When they first come into lay, they will do some odd things, and have more erratic schedules. It seems to take them about a month to "get used to" the idea of laying eggs. It's as if they can't figure out what is going on at first. Funny birds.
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Thanks I do have crushed oyster shell in a dish available for them . Here's hoping they are just learning ! You've made me feel a lot better thanks....

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