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Terri O

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Jan 2, 2010
WI~chickening for 30 years!
I have a hen that just wont get better...I saw her in the coop with a bubbly eye so I put her in the hospital crate and gave her Tylan50 in her water for 4 improvement. I let her rest for 2 days and have now treated her with Sulmet for another 6 of yesterday I have still seen no improvement! Her nares are swollen and she has stuff coming out of them that is stinky like infection. Looks just like my Royal Palm did that cleared up with the Tylan....any ideas what to try next? She is a good layer (not now though) and is quite young...dont really NEED to save her but I think this has become a challenge now after 3 weeks!
Thanks! Terri O
(PS) No need to tell me to get her to a vet...the vet says an axe will take care of her.
A lot of vets where I live are like that too.
Do you think she could have Coryza? If so, when I had a bird with it, I treated her with Vet Rx, and she cleared up within a couple days. Its REALLY contagious though.
Since you stated that it's a "stinky like infection," that's a sign of coryza. Sulmet is used for treatment. Since it's not working after the 6 day treatment, I recommend that you cull her. It is contageous and she will be a carrier for life.
Thanks Dawg...I was afraid that that might be the answer. Darn! Sometime having chickens is the pits. Good thing I have off tomorrow. I can take care of it.
One more question...I am wondering about the other birds in that coop...she is from my big laying flock. what are the chances that they DONT have it too? Does it come from wild birds or? Guess I have some reading to do....
Thanks again--Terri O
Me either !!! Thanks for the site. I added it to my Favorites !! Hopefully won't have to refer to it often

Good Luck TO. Are you using the powder tylan or liquid?
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I only had Tylan200 liquid so I ordered Tylan50 in the powder form. I mix up a solution in a quart jar and then mix a half cup of that solution into a half gallon container. Works good when medicating only a few birds at a time! T
I have the liquid injectable here on hand but I am going to get some powder too. I like the idea of mixing it with water vs injecting it.
Did you end up culling the hen?
Hoping to hear that she is improving

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