Not Sure when day 18 is ....????


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Hi all

I was given some Pekin chicken eggs from a friend who was going on holiday during the hatch time. I placed them in my incubator and they have been slowly cooking for the rest of the time. He told me he thought they had been under the broody hen for 7 to 10 days but was unsure of which it was.

I have had them incubated now since bringing them home. I have candled them but as a novice at hatching I am still learning. I used pictures of day by day incubation to get me a better idea of how far they were along. I sort of guessed at 9 days...!!! Anyway, I am now in the belief that we are at day 18, or 19. I have already boosted the bator up to 80% hunidity as per loads of info I have found tell me to do, but what happens if I was wrong and they were only at day 17 or worse 16 and I have pushed up the settings.

Will I damage or even worse kill the babies inside?. I have stuck a webcam on them that updates every 60 seconds for my friends so they can watch. I am not sure if I am allowed to post and external links on here, so if anyone fancies taking a look PM me and will send the link. If I am allowed and someone can let me know will maybe post it on here...

Anyone offer some advice on the maybe over settings etc...


I would just keep turning till i saw a pip and that's when i would up the humidity. I really just spray mine with warm water and never adjust the humidity.

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