Not sure?

Its day 29 and nothing, any suggestions on what I should do?

Depends on the kind of eggs.

Chicken eggs should hatch in 21 days. So if nothing has happened yet with chicken eggs, throw them away or bury them.

But many duck eggs take 28 days, so wait another week if you have duck eggs.
And muscovy duck eggs take 35 days, so they wouldn't even be ready to hatch yet.

For any kind of bird, you can google for how long they are supposed to take to hatch, then add a week or so, then throw away any eggs that are still doing nothing.
I believe they are Cinnamon Queen eggs, I had movement but no movement for a little while now, was just wondering if i should discard them?
I generally discard eggs on day 23. You could try candling. Handle them with care at this point, especially any that smell off. Rotten eggs can explode.

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