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    My hen is about 9 months old. I found her about 10 days ago on the bottom of the coop not able to walk, she was flapping her wings trying to come to me. I picked her up brought her inside. Nothing noticeable at that time with her legs. She has been inside this whole time. She started walking a few days later so I put her back outside & watched her. She seemed to be fine but didn't plan to leave her outside but she chose to walk in the house when I opened the door. So she walked around & found a spot to relax. I left her & put her in her cage a while later. A few days passed & she seemed perfect. Still eating & drinking fine! I put her outside & left her for about an hour & when I went out to get her she was on her back, feet up & head twisted. I swore he was dead! I picked her up & she was alive. I put her back inside in the cage & she seemed fine. So now 2 days after all that she is not standing at all. she is scooting around in the cage to get water & food. She is not even trying to stand. I lift her & she wont stand. She does have some poo on her but I think that is from sitting in it. I am not sure she has layed an egg ever. I have 2 of her kind & there has been blue eggs but not sure if it was from her. She has not layed anything while inside. They are feed layer pellets. She is alert & eating. No other visible signs.
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    If it is not some injury causing nerve damage, it could be something toxic the bird has ingested. Has the bird always had good posture and motion? The reason I ask is because I've seen birds with scoliosis(Kinky back) show similar symptoms to what you mentioned. Toxins can cause neck twisting and crippling symptoms too. So can lack of vitamin E which can cause softening or swelling of the brain, making birds fall over backwards while flapping their wings. Excessive feeding of cod liver oil can cause this condition as can feeding rancid feed. Try this first:

    Your bird is still young (9months) so you can try adding 1/2 teaspoon of a good AD&E powder per gallon of water every day and see if the symptoms disappear. You'll be able to find a packet of this at your local feed store. Try it for 5 days and see what happens. It is important that your bird is actually drinking. If not drinking enough, give a vitamin E capsule every day with an injection of 1/4 cc AD&E injectable (use a 25 gauge needle on the syringe) in the breast muscle for 5 days. You can also keep using the powder in the water. I hope this does help your bird. If there isn't excessive damage to the bird's brain she'll recover.

    I would recommend you order something like Medistatin powder from Foy's Pet Supplies if I thought your bird had ingested fungus of some type. I just don't know based on your information.
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