'Nother Noob, outside of Austin Texas


10 Years
Sep 30, 2009
Elgin, TX
Hi, I'm Deborah and my DH and I are of the "urban retiree-let's-move-to-the-country-and-raise-chickens" subset.
My 8 y.o. grandson wanted to help us put up a chicken coop and we only had him for a few days so our coop is a rubbernaid building. We currently have 5 welsummers, 4 marans and 3 dominiques. we started out with 5 of each but there has been attrition of course.
We were told these pullets were born in March but still no eggs, it may have been due to the 68 days of 100 degree + summer we had. We have discovered that watching chickens are good for the blood pressure. I'm now trying to talk my DH into building 2 more coops, 1 for freerange broilers and another for raising chicks.
Welcome from Western Washington

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