Nothing to do with chickens really, but GREAT news I'd like to share!

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  1. 4H kids and mom

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    Mar 10, 2007
    Southern Wisconsin
    I am SOOOOOOOOO happy! Can you tell? [​IMG]

    Ok, well most of you heard me sayin that my DH drove OTR with Schneider trucking, I'm sure. Well, not anymore! Ok, let me start at the beginning...

    This all started over a week ago. DH was supposed to be paid a certain amount on Friday. Well we checked the bank of Friday and they'd deposited $19! He (we) was furious and called them on his day home (Saturday/Sunday). They simply told him that he'd turned in his logs late, and they docked his pay! He hung up the phone so angry he was near tears, and that takes ALOT for him to get that way. So, he went out to work on the car (which he often does when he's upset, even though there is nothing wrong with the car.) and I left him be (which we good wives know is best- but the HARDEST -to do in times like these) and went on about my chores with the animals.

    Well, I noticed we were low on Meat Maker feed, so I took the truck up to the feed store. I am well known there (lol- they have a pic of ChickenDuck on their wall!) and Vicky (the office gal) saw the look on my face and asked what was up. Well, I hadn't had much in the way of "grown ups" to talk to in over a week (I run a day care....<<sigh>>) so I sorta spilled everything. She smiled and told me 'things could be worse' and that she was certain things would be looking up very soon. Then she winked at me. I had no idea why! So, I bought my feed and loaded it in the back of the truck. I went to start the truck when I noticed the HUGE sign hanging on the front of the building. "Now Hiring! Class A CDL driver! Must be over 21, clean cut, and available NOW!..." My jaw hit the floor.

    Certainly I would have noticed that sign on the way in. Why hadn't I seen it? A chill ran down my back. "Weird" I thought. and headed home to talk to my DH.

    Well, he thought ' I might as well call about it and see whats up... ' and he called. The owner had him come in for an interview. The DH came home about 2 hours later saying "I think he hired me! What do I do now?!" So....we had a LONG talk that evening to say the least.

    Long story short, he took the job driving for the feed store, and basically told ST to shove it. It pays close to $17 an hour (far more than he was making at $0.27 a mile) and he can work all the hours he wants. Everything worked over 8 hours in a day is time and a half! Full benefits, etc too. He's EXTACTIC to say the least!

    He started on Tuesday, and in the 2 days he's worked, he's made over $300! Plus, as an added bonus HE'S HOME EVERYNIGHT! [​IMG] I'm not alone anymore! I'm sooo happy guys! The kids are just so glad to have dad home too! Even the animals seem happier! lol [​IMG] I just had to share with someone! The preschoolers here everyday dont seem to care [​IMG]

    Oh....did I mention he gets a 25% DISCOUNT on feed and everything else they sell???? Hmmm? Did I? hehehehehehehehehehe I'm sooooooo happy! Yay!
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  2. Oh that is such a wonderful feel good story, im so glad he has found a better job.
    Thanks for sharing it and well done for going to the store that day. It certainly does pay to chat to people as great things happen from words.
  3. Lunachick

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    Mar 19, 2007
    Brick, NJ
    Happy for you 4H, and your hubby too! Hope it lasts for you for a long while! Yay, celebrate!
  4. Critter Crazy

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    Apr 19, 2007
    Binghamton, NY
    Awsome news! Glad hubby is enjoying his new job!!
  5. bayouchica

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    Jan 23, 2007
    N.E. Louisiana
    That's wonderful news!!! [​IMG]
    Things do have a way of working out.In your case you scored!! [​IMG] Hubby home every night, that's just too cool..I wish yall the best [​IMG]
  6. Varisha

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    Mar 22, 2007
    Congrats does not cover it!!!! [​IMG] I'm so happy for you!
  7. jessupfamily

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    May 14, 2007
    SW Indiana
    That is a dream come true! What an emotional roller coaster, first extremely hard then so wonderful. Glad it worked in that order! We've had a similar situation happen and it feels so good to have not just one thing work out, but so many things work out at once is so awesome!!
    Many blessings to your family!
    Amy J.
  8. pattycake

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    May 7, 2007
    fingerlakes, ny
    I love stories with happy endings!!! [​IMG]

    Congratulations to your family! [​IMG]
  9. AccidentalFarm

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    Mar 29, 2007
    How wonderful for you! YAY!!!
  10. cockadoodlemom

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    Feb 25, 2007
    [​IMG] So happy to hear the great news! Thanks for sharing cause it lifted my spirit!

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