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May 2, 2015
Hi everyone, I'm Jenny, We've just started keeping chickens. I originally started with two Aruacanas, both of which turned out to be boys, then got a Polish Hen (the only one which had laid so far! but she died in a heat wave a month or so back) and a Welsummer x Plymouth to replace them. Got a Pekin just before my Polish girl died and just got a ISA Red last weekend. Hopeful I will get eggs one day soon :)
Hi Jenny, welcome to BYC!

It's nice to have you join us. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Hope you get eggs soon!
Hello @Jennyg77 , and welcome!

Sorry to hear that you lost your polish so soon - I'm sure that was sad. We are new to keeping chickens ourselves, and none of our chicks is older than 5 weeks at this point, but we've been having a great time learning and getting to know the girls.
Don't hesitate to ask questions here, everyone at BYC has been super friendly and helpful!

I got less then a dozen eggs from her. It was a +45c day! I am looking at getting another araucana and a naked neck. Then I think I'll stop at five.
glad you decided to join us.

Sorry about the bad luck of starting with 2 roos and really sorry about the loss of your Polish Hen.

Hopefully your current hens will fare better for you.

But I would advise you research the forums for how to deal with heat. I live in Middle Ga with hot humid summers and had to deal with one heat stressed BR last summer. We added shade, an outdoor fan, give cold treats - like melons and iced water with lettuce - during the hottest parts of the day. After adding those, we have had no real heat issues.

Feel free to ask questions, enjoy the forums.
Welcome to the Backyard chickens flock. Some folks in hot climates, have more of an open air coop - two sides of wire walls, and two solid ones. They can also have two solid sides to cover the open air ones - when they weather cools.
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